Studying abroad offers a wonderful opportunity to expand your intellectual, academic and cultural horizons by spending time in a foreign country. However, the process involves more than simply picking a country and school and hopping on a plane. You’ll need a valid passport, which certifies your identity and citizenship, in order to travel abroad. You may also need a country-specific visa, which is an endorsement to your passport that enables you to enter, exit and stay within a given country for a specified period of time. Once you are accepted into a BCA program, we will provide you with some general guidelines, helpful links and tips on when, where and how to apply for your visa in time for your semester abroad.
Obtaining a student visa isn’t a one-size-fits-all proposition. Each nation has its own application process and requirements that must be fulfilled before it will issue visas for education abroad. You can generally find the nation-specific visa application at the embassy or consulate website of your host country. Please note that no two consulates are exactly alike. So you may be able to apply for your visa via the mail, whereas another student attending the same program, but applying at a different consulate may need to apply in person. That’s why it’s important to thoroughly review your consulate’s requirements.